Scientists create pill that tricks the body to lose weight

The pill makes the body believe that calories consumed, allowing you to burn fat, slow weight gain, help reduce cholesterol and control blood sugar.

A group of US scientists has developed a pill, tested so far in mice, that “fools the body” into believing that consumed calories, which makes burn fat, curb weight gain and helps reduce cholesterol and controls blood sugar.

“This pill is like an imaginary food,” said the director of the Laboratory of gene expression Salk in the United States, Ronald Evans, author of the study published today in the journal Nature Medicine¬†Pill “It sends the same type of signals that normally occur when you eat a lot of food, so the body starts to make room for storage, but no calories or changes in appetite,” he said.

The research team is already working to start human clinical trials to test the effectiveness of the Pastillas para Bajar de Peso Rapido new compound in the treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases.

Fexaramina compound does not dissolve in the blood as appetite suppressants medications or diet based caffeine, but remains in the intestine, which causes less side effects, as is study.

Evans lab devoted nearly two decades to study the fernesoide X receptor (FXR), a protein involved in the release of bile acids in the liver, digestion of food and storage of fats and sugars.

The human body activates FXR at the beginning of the meal to prepare for the arrival of food, so that not only triggers the release of bile acids for digestion, but modifies the levels of blood sugar and causes the body to burn some fats.

Pharmaceutical companies have already developed systemic drugs that activate FXR to treat obesity, diabetes, liver disease and other metabolic, but such drugs affect various organs and cause side effects, according to the article.

Evans considered whether activate FXR only in the intestine rather than in intestine, liver, kidneys and adrenal glands while, could have a different result.

Thus, they developed a compound that fexaramina be administered orally in the gut acted alone, without reaching into the bloodstream, so that decreased side effects and made it more effective to curb weight gain.

When scientists administered to obese mice a daily pill for five weeks, they failed to gain weight, lose fat and lowered their blood sugar levels and cholesterol, compared to untreated animals.

Since the compound of fexaramina does not reach the bloodstream it may be safer in humans than other medicines that aims to activate FXR, adds the study.