Master of Science in Project Management

The objective of the Master of Science in Project Management program is to provide the knowledge needed to offer advanced and effective management of projects at a time when companies and organizations are increasingly in this key area.

You will acquire a knowledge of all management and planning disciplines, as well as a deep understanding of skills such as organizational change and behavioral management. This will open up opportunities for pan-regional and multi-sectoral project management for creatives.


Master of Science in Project Management

The MSc in Project Management provides the skills necessary to deliver advanced project management.It does so at a time when companies and organizations are increasingly focused on the strategic importance of effective project management, which is essential if capital is to be implemented so that provides a competitive advantage.

The program is designed to meet the standards set by the governing bodies recognized worldwide. So you get an understanding of all fundamental project management disciplines and phases, and how they are applied in very different environments.

The core modules cover topics such as Planning and Budgeting, Execution and Control Contracts and Procurement, and sustainability. Then you will specialize in the study of two optional modules on topics such as Total Quality Management, the modeling and construction operations.

Fundamentally, it will also be introduced to areas such as organization and behavior management. The understanding of organizations, people and cultures is crucial in the multicultural workplace today, and is essential for successful project management.

You must pass the knowledge and experience necessary to carry out project management design, planning, execution and delivery on time and on budget. In addition, you will have a solid grounding in all current project methodologies. This will open up flexible career structures that transcend sectors and regions, allowing you to practice effective project management in all professional environments.