There are several types of packaging materials currently used to meet the demands of a rigorous dedicated to the export market and consumer demand. They have created different packaging materials. Depending onthe product to be packaged, some require a material type or another that is better suited to its conservation, transportation or presentation.  Among the packaging materials are the following:

– Natural materials: Those containers or containers that have traditionally been used such as large baskets made from natural material of bamboo leaves, palm, wicker or coir (ถุงพลาสติกใส in Thailand).They are not suitable, presenting several advantages over its use such as not being a rigid material and to deform easily, presenting sharp edges that come to tear the product losing its commercial value or because they are containers with poor hygiene and washing difficult.

– Cardboard is usually solid and smooth or knurled or channels on its surface. Cartons are made with varying depth and diversity of designs, sizes and strength.Always open at the top and the edges can be printed labeling with weight information etc. They can also be printed with the advertising of the company of origin. Cartons are clean and manageable but with the disadvantage that are easily damaged by moisture, stacking and handling.

– Wood: With this type of material boxes and drawers with wooden slats are made of different thickness. Such boxes are single – use and rigid, so they respond well to stacking and transport them. The cost of these packages are fully competitive with market demands, and in many cases similar to the corrugated packaging.