A tea vendor becomes a sensation on the Internet


A resident of Islamabad (Pakistan) that sells tea market has become famous on the Internet after their photos were disseminated through social networks, reports the portal Quartz .

The image of the young Arshad Khan was taken casually few months ago by the photographer Jiah Ali, who rose to his Instagram account on 15 October. Photo young Pakistani, with his blue eyes, beard and bushy hair, quickly spread throughout Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

On October 17, the hashtag #ChaiWala (tea seller) was trend in Pakistan networks, spreading later to India and the United inidô. Following the broadcast of the image, “between 40 and 50 girls visited me” morning of Tuesday, Khan recalled the channel Samaa .

After becoming a star of the Network, the young Pakistani model already works for the company ‘online’  Fitin , as seen from the main website photos.

The young Pakistani 18, Arshad Khan, caught the attention of the world when the photographer portrayed Jiah Ali and published the picture on Instagram.

Ali Khan saw when strolling through the bazaar of Itwar, one of the most popular markets in Islamabad.

So far, she published the photograph on social networks, which caused a stir by Arshad singular blue eyes. Even he became the #chaiwala trend twitter hashtag, to try to find the young man and his identity.

When he was found, the young man stopped to receive visits from women interested in buying hot tea. Even Arshad already received an offer from an online clothing store to be a model. What do you think?

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