Fear of Missing Out (FoMO)

About FoMO

The rise of social media and frictionless sharing has lead to concerns and writing about Fear of Missing Out. FoMO reflects a worry that friends and important others may be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent. This concern can actually distract you from making the most of your time in the here-and-now.

Working with a team of researchers at the University of California, University of Rochester and University of Essex we have recently completed the first empirically-based investigation of FoMO. Our findings will be published in the July issue of Computers in Human Behavior. The list below summarizes some of what we recently learned about FoMO.
FoMO Facts
  • FoMO is a driving force behind social media use.
  • FoMO levels are highest in young people and young men in particular.
  • FoMO levels are influenced by social circumstances; Low levels of need satisfaction and life satisfaction are linked to high FoMO.
  • FoMO is associated with having ambivalent emotions about social media.
  • FoMO is high in those who engage in distracted driving.
  • FoMO is high in students who use social media during classes.
FoMO Quiz

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